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Joel Bowers
Billings, Montana 59102

Phone: 406-591-5635


About Us

RisingRims Studio is the business name for Joel Bowers, a Digital Artist living in Billings Montana. His backyard is actually the cliff called the Rimrocks that line the yellowstone river valley in many places.  His front windows offer a 180 degree view of the Yellowstone valley from the little Big Horn Mountains, the Prior Mountains to the south and the Beartooth Mountains to the west. As weather systems move through the  valley the views can be particularly engaging.


He has created  these original images for your enjoyment and frankly because he enjoys the creation process. You can find a wide variety of abstract images here. 


He is a self taught artist and learning every day through the process of exploration and sharing images on social media. As a retired computer database consultant he is more comfortable with a Wacom tablet and stylus than a brush or pen. While digital art is still not mainstream, it's efficiencies lead to higher productivity and lower cost image for frugal collectors.


If you to see the hundreds of images available please visit my image storage vault at